A relaxing few days…

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. I drove a friend to work early in the AM and then went back to bed for a couple of hours at 7am. The hot weather that we had for a week finally broke and the house is back to normal temperatures. Crowsnest Pass hit 36C last Wednesday which is a record high by a few degrees. It was stinking hot, although I have experienced much hotter (and way more humid) in Ontario, I am just not used to it.

It did cool down at night, near single digits, but there was no breeze so the house didn’t cool off like I might like. I wish the house would retain heat like that in the winter. I did not too bad though. I opened the windows and blinds at 9pm or so and kept them open until 930 in the morning. The back door and front door are open at night as well, I am not too worried about security, Blondie and Hera are in the living room and Twix is with me in the bedroom, I highly doubt anyone would try to come in – I do live in the middle of nowhere after all.

Last night we had a make-up game for slo-pitch. It was a cool evening, 15C or so, and thunderstorms. We played in some moderate rain but got both games in. The league needs to put a time limit on games, or something though. We played until about 945pm, too long, I think for 2 games. A 1:15 time limit would be good, then you’re looking at 2.5 hours for a double header. I got a couple of hits and walked a couple of times – the pitches were all over the place, so I took my walks.

I had no fly balls at all to the outfield. That’s OK though, means I don’t have to attempt to catch any… LOL It was fun, we split the games.

Today were are supposed to get some more rain, I think. I would like to take the dogs down to the lake if it isn’t raining – they have such a good time. Otherwise, not much going on, I think it will be a relaxing sort of day, I seem to have those often.

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