Great weekend of baseball…

Saturday’s double header of umpiring was some of the best played baseball that I have ever umpired in Babe Ruth.

The trip to Calgary was uneventful, as trips should be. It was partly cloudy with a nice breeze. The first game started at 10am. One of the coaches was a previous player of mine, he’s turned into a great coach. His team was ahead 5-4 going into the bottom of the 7th inning and they were able to shut the door and hold on for the victory. It was a great game, excellent defense, a pitchers duel, really. I was on the plate for the game, didn’t take any foul balls off of the facemask, luckily.

In the second game, I moved to the bases. It was a team where the coaches seem to whine about absolutely everything. They are a very young coaching staff though, early to mid 20s and it appears that they think every call is something against them, personally. They are a good group, except for this – I presume it will improve, as they get older, but who knows. Whiners, that’s how I know them, anyway.

We were off of the diamond by 3pm. It had gotten warm, but nowhere near as hot as it was last week. It was a pleasant day for baseball for sure.

I headed to my motel in the NW part of the city. I am quite happy with the find. From the outside, you wouldn’t think much of it, a non-descript two story motel. Once you’re in the room, it’s a haven. Comfortable beds (the most comfortable that I have ever had in a hotel), really nice bathrooms and water pressure in the shower that is amazing. The price is great as well, around $70 after taxes.

I had dinner at Denny’s. Excellent food, good prices as well. I stopped by Optimist and watched most of the game that was being played, it was great baseball as well – good to see.

We had rain overnight, no idea how much rain since I sleep like the dead. I headed to the diamond around 6am to see what the field was like. The gate was closed so I walked in. I checked it out from the outfield fence and it looked fine. I could not see that there was standing water at home plate though. At 715am, the city web site reported that the park was open. It would be a perfect day for baseball – cool and cloudy, I was looking forward to it.

At around 815, I got a text from the President of Babe Ruth that the park was closed – I was surprised. If the city had worked the diamond, I am sure it would have been playable, but, we all know how city workers can be. Since the diamond was closed for the 10am game, it meant it was automatically closed for the 1pm game as well and they’d re-examine it at that time to see if the later games would be played.

I was at a friends for breakfast, it was good to catch-up. I headed home around 930am with a stop in Okotoks at Costco for gas. I didn’t go in, didn’t really need anything and didn’t want to spend any money for no real reason. It was a great ride home.

There was an accident on Highway 3 in Crowsnest Pass so that delayed me by a few minutes. Traffic was backed up and the detour through one of the towns was slow, but, thankfully it was available as there isn’t often a way around accidents.

I had a quiet afternoon as the dogs were still in boarding. I picked them up about 630 and watched TV on Sunday evening. The end of a pretty good weekend.

Back to Monday now. I hope you have a good week.

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