Back to the diamond…

The heat wave in Alberta is finally over, I think. It’s quite comfortable right now and the forecast calls for more reasonable weather. Thankfully.

I am heading to Calgary this morning to umpire a double-header today and one is also scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s games are in doubt though, Calgary is calling for rain and quite a bit of it – we will see, weather forecasts change pretty quickly. One thing I learned when I moved to Alberta, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.

I am hoping that I can go through a couple of baseball games without being beaten by the baseball. Typically, I might get hit in the face a time or two over an entire season, not in back to back games.

Today it is supposed to be in the mid 20s and cloudy, so it sounds like perfect conditions for baseball. I also only have to do one plate today, as opposed to both plates last week – that will be nice.

No plans for the evening. I think I will order a pizza and take it easy. If the weather is bad tomorrow, I will head home and get the dogs early.

I have next weekend off of umpiring as I am volunteering with the Sinister 7 Race here in the Pass. It’s a backcountry race, should be fun. Lots going on in July, the month will fly by I am sure and then I have my trip to Ontario that I am looking forward to.

For any Americans reading my blog, Happy 4th of July tomorrow – hope you have a great weekend.

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