Heat, slo-pitch, Covid and the All-Star Game…

Yesterday was a pretty slow Canada Day for me. It meant the end of the restrictions, masks and various ridiculous rules that have been around for months (16, 17 months) due to Covid. Alberta is the first province to remove all restrictions, finally.

I was going to watch the Jays game, decided on a nap instead and nearly 3 hours later I woke up. Didn’t affect my sleeping last night either, I must have needed it, maybe it’s all this heat at the moment.

I went to the Market yesterday, picked up 2 key lime pies that I ordered. They were different from what I have had before, but they are excellent. It was nice to see so many faces at the market. There were still a few people who were wearing masks for whatever reason, and I am sure there will be for some time, if not permanently. The media and government have pushed an agenda of fear during this entire thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it was real and people unfortunately died. Now, I don’t, for a second think that as many people died as were reported, I am sure a lot of those people died WITH Covid, not from Covid. I am just glad it is behind us now.

My home province of Ontario is way behind Alberta in opening back up. I am hopeful that things will be back to normal by the time that I visit in just over a month. Right now, I have lunches and dinners scheduled with friends and family and want to be able to have all of those, preferably inside. Time will tell, won’t it?

I thought that I had a slo-pitch game last night. I left the house at 6pm, not really looking forward to playing slo-pitch in 33C heat. I got to the diamond and the road to the diamond was locked up, so I guess no slo-pitch, fine with me. I returned home and made dinner, BBQ steak and a Caesar salad, followed by a slice of the key lime pie.

I watched the Rockies walk-off win their game against St. Louis. It was a nice win. The Rockies are hot at home, it’s unfortunate that they cannot play on the road.

It’s almost the half-way point to the season, the All-Star Game. I will be sort of watching, while having dinner with my friend in Calgary, it’s the 10th Annual MLB All-Star dinner. The tradition started way back when my friend from Ontario was in Alberta and the 3 of us went for dinner. We haven’t worked together for 7 or 8 years now, but we meet once a year, have dinner and catch up. It’s always a great evening. I planned a mini-vacation around it, so I am staying in Calgary for a couple of days. I might, stress, might, go to the Calgary Stampede while in Calgary, but we’ll see. I got a great rate on my hotel as I booked it months and months ago. I know it will be a good couple of days.

So, to everyone in Alberta, nice that we can see each others faces again. Well, not that I wore a mask too often anyway, just when forced to at Costco pretty well. Nice to be back to normal again anyway. I hope the rest of the country catches up soon.

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