Moore’s can go to hell…

As readers know, I returned to the world of umpiring this summer. I had to buy a couple of pair of grey pants for umpiring, so, a few weeks ago, I made a trip to Lethbridge to Moore’s to get some gray dress pants. I do have plate pants on order, they should hopefully arrive next week.

I used the pants over the Father’s Day weekend, they worked, not quite enough room in the legs for the shin pads, but they did what they needed to do.

This past weekend, I put on my pants and then dropped something, so I bent over to pick it up – rip… Right in the ass of the pants. Oh, how nice. The zipper broke as well, a double whammy.

So, I put on the second pair, all was good.

I returned to Lethbridge yesterday. I made my customary stop at Costco for gas and a few items and then zipped over to Moore’s. I brought my pants in and the sales guy said “we can’t fix these” – oh really, Einstein? No, of course you can’t, they ripped right along the seam, there was obviously an issue when they were made. I pointed out that the zipper was also broken.

He asked what I wanted to do – I was a little dumbfounded… I would like to get a new pair. He said he can’t do anything as I washed them and, pointing to the label, he said they were dry clean only.

Well, I didn’t know they were dry clean only. Now, when I bought them, I didn’t ask for “machine wash” but I honestly didn’t think about it. I have never purchased a pair of pants that requires dry cleaning, I would not, especially with pants that I am using to umpire with.

So, I threw the pants on the count, told him that was bullshit and that I would never buy any crap from Moore’s again, and I won’t. I could care less if I washed them (5% wool is why they were dry clean only, apparently). Awful customer service this time around by a punk kid at Moore’s.

Well, Moore’s, you and your cheap-assed clothes, and your shitty sales people, can all go to hell.

Thanks. 🙂

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