That’s a warm one…

We are in the middle of a heat wave in Alberta. They seem to be happening more and more often. Calgary is going to see temperatures in the upper 30s this week, which, for any Americans, is the upper 90s / low 100s… Unusually hot for Alberta. Thankfully, it is not humid.

It is even really hot in the mountains where I live which is rather unusual. It was 34C yesterday, supposed to be slightly hotter the next few days.

The house isn’t horrible, at least it cools down at night. As of this writing, it is 12C, welcome relief from the heat and it gives the house a chance to cool down. At about 930am or so, I close up the windows, close the blinds and curtains and try my best to keep the hot outside. Hera isn’t particularly impressed with the hot temps, I can’t blame her, she does wear a full fur coat after all.

To tell the honest truth, I prefer winter temperatures over this stuff. Maybe if I had AC it would change my mind. It is easier to put layers on and snuggle up on the couch, rather than take layers off and swelter. Plus, if I walk around outside in a bathing suit, people will complain – that I am sure of.

Temperatures will drop to more normal levels by the weekend by the looks of it. Good thing, I am umpiring two double-headers on Saturday and Sunday. Wearing all that gear in the heat is a good way to lose some pounds, that’s for sure.

Try to keep it cool.

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