A slow Tuesday…

Other than my legs being sore yesterday, I had pretty well “recovered” from umpiring on the weekend. I am not used to getting into the strike zone, of course. When I bent down to get the dogs food dishes, my legs screamed at me. Sorry, legs. It will be better this weekend, for sure.

I am umpiring a double-header on Saturday and another on Sunday. Saturday night, I am heading out for dinner with friends so that will be good.

The dogs will be in boarding for the weekend. I will pick them up Sunday night on my way home. I am definitely not umpiring to make any money, it is really a near break-even position, or I might lose a bit of money when you consider wear and tear on my truck. But, I enjoy it.

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day, not much going on at all. I did have an email exchange with my vet about Hera’s knee. We are thinking that it is indeed a tear that will need to be surgically repaired since her limp has really not improved. He is going to speak with the surgeon to see if it can wait until I get back from my trip to Ontario in early August as right now, they can’t fit me in until mid-July which would mean she’d be in the early stages of recovery when I was away and I won’t do that.

There’s a chance that the surgery may happen much sooner, like this week. I will hear back today and we’ll make a decision. The first week or two are going to be tough on both me and Hera. I think I will board Blondie and Twix for at least a week after Hera’s surgery so that there isn’t that distraction in the house. I plan on moving my bed (just the mattress) into the living room, that will give Hera a place to sleep right next to me – she won’t be able to get on the furniture at all, for at least 2 weeks. I also plan on getting a couple of dog beds and 2 baby gates to stop her from going into the kitchen and hallway.

I hope her recovery goes well, poor girl. We will tackle whatever comes up anyway. Wish us luck.

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