Getting too old for this?

I guess there is a time in everyone’s life that we have to admit that we are getting too old for some things. I will readily admit that I am too old to umpire two triple headers on back-to-back days.

As I have said, my feet were killing me by the end of Sunday. Now, the shoes that I was wearing behind the plate were brand new, that, I am sure, had something to do with it, although they are generally comfortable. Perhaps a nice gel insole would have helped. I am also not used to being on my feet all day for two days. I was a desk jockey, so I spent most of my work-days behind a desk and not on my feet.

My feet felt much better by yesterday morning. It was a bit sore to walk, but not too bad. My legs are also rather sore, crouching down to get into the strike zone is something that they are not used to. This coming weekend will be better, I presume. I am scheduled to do two double headers, Saturday and Sunday. I have asked to have Sunday off, but I don’t think they have the umpires to cover the games. I will not be staying over in Calgary, I don’t think though, I will come home Saturday after my games. I don’t mind staying over, but there isn’t a lot (or anything) to do in the evening. Driving home and back again is 5 hours and $70 in gas… So, if I stay, I am a bit ahead for the weekend (financial wise), if I come home Saturday and return to Calgary Sunday, it’s just about a break-even weekend. It’ll be a Saturday decision, I am sure.

Moving forward, I think I am going to schedule just Saturday, or Sunday, not both days. Baseball Alberta has offered to pay me my expenses, $70 in mileage, so that’s a pretty good deal as well – they are also very short on umpires.

I am unsure why the shortage of umps. Some claim that it is abuse from fans. If that’s the case, I really haven’t felt any. Maybe I have been umpiring so long and have such thick skin that it bounced off of me, I am not sure. Maybe, I am a perfect umpire so no one abuses me? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Well, this weekend will be better than last weekend anyway. I am sure of that.

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