Lots of umpiring, and a Happy Father’s Day

I opened up the 2021 baseball season by umpiring 3 games for Babe Ruth Calgary. I left the house at 645am, the dogs are at a friend’s place for the weekend.

The first game started out well, the visitors built up an 8 run lead and held that lead until the bottom of the 7th. The home team scores 8 runs to tie the game before the final out was recorded. The bottom of the 7th took about 45 minutes to play out. The game ended in a tie.

The next game was much quicker, an 11-1 mercy in 5 innings. That’s the way games should play out.

Right after the game ended, the skies opened up and we had steady rain for an hour or so. I got dinner (pizza from Domino’s) and caught a nap in the truck. I wasn’t sure if the 7pm game would play or not.

It did, we started on time. It looked like it would end in the 5th by the mercy rule, but the home team scores 5 runs with 2 outs to force a 6th inning. It ended in the 6th by mercy, definitely wasn’t a defensive gem…

All in all, a good day of umpiring.

I start a triple header at 9 this morning, it’s 13u ball. Should be fun. It might be a little hard getting into the strike zone since 13 year olds tend to be short(ish). My partner is a young umpire, only 14. I’m hoping he does well, we’ll see.

I should be done around 5 and the have a 2.5 hour trip home. I’ll pick up the dogs and likely crash for the night.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. I lost mine nearly 16 years ago, think about him often though. If your Dad is around, be thankful, and give him a hug.

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