It’s Friday – Enjoy the weekend…

I mentioned that I am returning to umpiring. I have 3 games on Saturday for Babe Ruth Calgary and now I am umpiring some games for Baseball Alberta as well. I have 3 more games on Sunday, 13U just north-west of Calgary, so I will be spending the weekend in Calgary and area. The dogs will be boarded with my friends and they’ll have a great time I am sure.

I will be tired. Six games in 2 days will be a lot of umpiring to start the season. I will survive and it will be good money.

Last night we had slo-pitch. I guess they typically play 2 games per night so we played a double-header. We played well, mercied the other team in 5 innings in both games, it was nice to see. I played one game and went 2-3 at the plate, had one really good hit and a dribbler to the second basemen who bobbled it, almost got me out at first, despite my sonic boom type speed. It’s fun anyway, and I think that’s the point.

When I got home, I turned the BBQ one and made a steak, cheese and peppers sandwich. I seasoned the steak, a beef tenderloin, likely about 8oz with salt, pepper and Montreal steak spice. It was cooked perfectly and the sandwich was amazing. I really should not eat at 10pm at night, but what can you do when you’re playing slo-pitch?

Unsure when we play next, next Thursday I think – I may have recovered from umpiring by then. Maybe.

It’s Friday, enjoy your weekend.

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