Trip to Lethbridge and return to Umpiring…

Wednesday’s are the day that I sent my dogs to doggie day care. They get picked up around 930am in the dog bus and driven to the Crowsnest Pet Care facility and play all day running around with their dog friends. They come home around 330pm and are totally exhausted. I use Wednesdays to do my running around and what-not.

Yesterday, I put their collars on them and they know when we don’t immediately leave, that they are going to doggie day care. They then typically stare out the front window, waiting for the bus to arrive.

I decided that Hera would not go to doggie day care yesterday, I didn’t want her to strain her leg as her limp is getting much better. All three dogs were rather excited at the front door, I held Hera by her collar, Blondie and Twix zoomed to the bus and Hera was like “let me go, I have to get on the bus”… I don’t think I have ever seen a more disappointed dog in my life as her sisters took off in the bus. I tried to assure her that she and I would have a good day, I don’t think she was convinced.

We shortly headed for Lethbridge, but first, I gave her a good brushing and pulled out about a new dog in dog hair. She loves being brushed, I am sure she loves having the undercoat brushed out. We took the truck to Lethbridge, so she got another truck ride. I suppose I could have taken The Beast, but decided the truck was the better route.

I needed pants for umpiring. I have decided that after a 2-year hiatus, I am returning to umpiring. I have actually missed it, it’s something I really enjoy and I am pretty good at it. I am a far better umpire than I was a coach, I am sure, plus as an added bonus, I get paid.

Off to Moore’s Clothing and 2 pairs of grey dress pants on sale for $70 each and they tailor them for free. Not a bad deal and you can’t tell the difference from regular umpiring pants. I have new equipment, chest pad, shin guards, helmet and face mask. I actually need to find or buy a new black hat, I know I have one around, somewhere.

I have ordered plate shoes and base shoes, hopefully they will arrive next week.

Anyway, from Moore’s, we headed to Costco for gas – $125 some dollars later, the truck was full. I was going to go into Costco, but there weren’t any spots in the shade, I didn’t want to leave Hera in the truck, even with the AC on, it was a hot day. I didn’t really need anything anyway, not badly.

I stopped at Popeye’s Chicken, it’s decent, but nothing to write home about. Hera didn’t want any of the chicken strip, I should learn from her, if she won’t eat it, should I? Their biscuits are amazing though.

We stopped at a local dog park that is in one of the canyons in the area. Cool place for a walk on a hot day. We had a good walk and this time I actually remembered the portable water dish and water, Hera was thankful.

By the time we got home, Blondie and Twix were back already and happy to see us. I laid down for a nap and died – slept for about 2 hours. Guess I needed it.

I got a text last night from the President of Babe Ruth, they badly need umpires and he asked if I could umpire this coming weekend. I will take a look at the schedule and will likely drive up for 3 or 4 games. Will be a good start to the season. I need to fine the rest of my umpiring stuff and get organized, a job for this morning. I also need to ensure my friend can look after the dogs.

Lots to do to get ready. Slo-pitch tonight as well, I am mostly recovered from Tuesday’s game. I hope tonight it’s not quite 3 hours long though.

Enjoy your Thursday.

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