My new career as a slo-pitch player…

So, I joined a slo-pitch league here in Crowsnest Pass. We got together a few weeks ago to see what players were interested and what not. I am playing on a team with my former neighbour, so I know someone anyway. When I was in Calgary for Hera’s vet appointment last week, I stopped in at Tuxedo Source for Sports and bought myself a glove. All I had was a first basemen’s glove, which would be fine, if I was playing first, and I doubt anyone would complain if I used it elsewhere, but I decided to get a new glove. It was pretty well worked in, not a bad glove at all, a Mizuno.

We got rained out last Thursday, all day rain day pretty well. It was rescheduled for last night. Game time was 630pm. I left the house with plenty of time and headed towards the diamonds, about 10km east of where I live.

Half way there, I discovered that I had forgotten something that is needed when playing slo-pitch – my glove. Sigh. I turned around home to get it. When I arrived, my dogs thought that I was back, of course. No, I am just forgetful, you know that. LOL

They got another biscuit each when I left, again, this time with my glove. It’s now in the truck, so I can’t forget it next time.

I arrived right before 630. Typically, I would arrive early, I am always early. Our game was well attended by both teams, better than the 6 players total who showed up for the other game. The guy who runs our team put me at second base – a great choice for me. My throwing arm and shoulder are pretty well done from all the batting practice I threw when coaching in Babe Ruth, I can make the throw from second to first, most of the time.

I was comfortable, made a few plays. It felt good. Batting? Well, that’s something else. I coached baseball for 20+ years and I tell ya, I am not used to the ball coming in at the angle it does. I am sure I will get used to it, but it will take a while. I think I will hit the batting cages the next time I am in Calgary, much needed practice.

I did get on base a couple of times, hit into fielders’ choice a few times – all in all, not horrible. Please note, I have never played slo-pitch. It will get better.

We had an extra player on the bench so she and I swapped, she went into second base. A few innings later, one person had to leave, so I was put out in the field, rover position. Thanks, just what I love, outfield. It wasn’t horrible, but I was. I am sure I will get better there as well, it’s early.

This morning, I am stiff. I am sitting at my computer desk with my Obusform back massager working its magic with heat and massage. It feels great, loosening up my stiff back. Nothing to do with my neck at the moment, but it isn’t horrible. I am sure my arm and shoulder will be sore later on.

I have no idea when our next outing is, I hope it’s not Thursday, that’s not enough recovery time.

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