How many naps is too many?

Today was really a day of nothingness. I’ve had them before, but today was something else.

I was woken shortly after 2am by Twix, my pitbull, falling off of the bed in a heap. I immediately got up to ensure she was ok, she was. Hera even came into the room to investigate.

Well, I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn’t work. I got out of bed around 3, let the dogs out and fed them, and decided to finish my movie from the night before. I had started watching the second of The Matrix movies. I had about another hour to go.

I found a great recipe for a coffee smoothie and made one of those. I had previously brewed a pot of French vanilla hazelnut coffee, it’s amazing, and made ice cubes out of it. Ten of those, some milk, a banana, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, some chocolate and blended in my Ninja blender until smooth. So good.

Around 6, I decided to go back to bed. We’ll call it nap number one. I slept until almost 9. I puttered about, not really doing much and had a second nap at 1130. When I got up, I was still feeling tired, no idea why though and had a 3rd nap in the afternoon.

So, you can see why it was a day of pure nothingness. My only accomplishment was the smoothie.

I watched TV for the evening, a mixture of old sitcoms and the 3rd Matrix movie. I’m just about to go to bed, 1145pm.

I hope to accomplish more tomorrow, I couldn’t accomplish less, even if I wanted to.

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