Rockies and Reds Series and BIG Money Bets…

My friend, California #1, is a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, I don’t recall why, but we all love whatever teams we love, I suppose, and most of us are loyal, to a fault. My main team is the Colorado Rockies. On that, I am not sure why, but I have been since the early 2000s sometime.

Anyway, California #1 and I have a season series bet going on the Reds/Rockies. It was $1 per game, so, the stakes aren’t what I would call high. As a bonus to me, if I win, he pays me in USD and if I win, I pay him in CDN. Good deal, right? Well, perhaps, except that the Rockies are really, really struggling this year.

I owed him $1 already, I believe it was a huge football bet, I don’t remember, so I started behind the eight ball. The teams have already played a 4-game series in Colorado, which they split 2-2, so that evened out and I still owe that $1.

The series has now moved to Cincinnati this weekend, the first game was yesterday. The Rockies just came from Miami and they actually beat the Marlins on the road, it was their 3rd road win (might have been 4 but I am pretty sure it was 3), so, last night, playing on the road, going for back-to-back road wins, I didn’t think they stood that much of a chance, so, I didn’t turn the game on.

I was napping actually. When I looked, it was the 5th inning and the Rockies were down 8-0. How nice… I am glad I didn’t turn the game on, as it would have been turned off with a score like that. It finished as an 11-5 final, I think, meaning that I now owe $2.

California #1 wants a loonie and a toonie – the names that we’ve given to the $1 and $2 coins. Originally, he was trash-talking about the Rockies losing all of the games in the series (7) plus the $1 I owed him for a total of $8, he wanted one of our blue $5 bills, plus the loonie and toonie. Well, the Rockies might suck, but they’ve been decent at home, they actually have a winning record.

There is an afternoon game today which I will turn on – how long it stays on depends on how well they do, of course. I might be down $3 after today, might just owe that $1, but, winning road games so close together seems unlikely. I’d bet that he’s going to see his toonie and loonie when it’s all said and done after tomorrow.

Today, I am making banana bread French toast for the neighbour and her BF. It’s amazing, if you’ve never tried it. Should be a good day. Well, until baseball starts, I suppose.

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