Cleaning day, rain and slo-pitch…

Yesterday was house cleaning day. I don’t clean the house myself, I have a cleaner come in, typically every 2-3 weeks. I hate washing floors, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. I typically get a fair amount done around the house when she’s here, it’s great, yesterday was no exception.

I have been here for almost 2 years now, love the house and have no intention of leaving any time soon. I have finally put various pictures and what not up on the walls. I have a Doctorate in Procrastination, so, I had to take advantage of that and not get it done in ages. Why? No idea. It looks good in here anyway.

I made breakfast for us – just something nice that I do. Home fries (although they call them hash browns in Alberta and make fun of me calling them home fries), scrambled eggs and bacon with rye toast, along with French vanilla / hazelnut coffee that is amazing. We were both absolutely stuffed. I wasn’t hungry until after 8pm last night.

So, the house is nice and clean and things are setup the way that I like them.

Blondie ate Hera’s bowl of food with the pain medication on it. I have trained the dogs NOT to eat out of each others dishes, but, I guess the smell/taste of the pain meds was too much to resist, it’s apparently honey flavour. I called the vet to ensure Blondie would be OK and yes, no harm, except to Hera who doesn’t get her pain meds.

I watched the Astros / Red Sox game, second of a 3-game set and the Astros hammered the Sox, again. Good to see and, of course, I trolled my few Red Sox friends. They finish off the series tonight. The Rockies won a rare road game and beat the Marlins 4-3, I was happy to see they held the lead and won, happy and surprised.

Not too much else going on, we’ve had rainy weather the last few days and it is pouring this morning. No walks today, I suppose. I am supposed to play slo-pitch tonight as well, I presume that may get rained out, depending on how long it rains and how much we get. The ground is pretty dry so it may soak in quickly. I have recovered from last week anyway, feel good. I bought a new glove for it on Tuesday, so I am looking forward to using it.

Well, the week is more than half way done, enjoy.

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