Early yesterday morning, Hera and I loaded up into The Beast to head to Calgary for her vet appointment. Blondie and Twix were not overly impressed that I was going somewhere with only Hera, but it is just far easier to take one dog when only one dog is having an appointment.

It was raining lightly, but it was supposed to clear by afternoon. So, we headed out. As I got down the street, I went to turn the windshield wipers on, as looking through beveled glass or something, they did not turn on. No motor sounds, nothing. Hmmmm…

Well, I knew I could not drive to Calgary like this, that would not work, so we went around the block and returned home. I guess Hera was going to get one last ride in the truck. She seemed confused that I wanted her to get out of the car, but she obliged and followed me to the truck and happily jumped in. Off we went.

I will add, that when I purchased the car, I did have a safety check done. It wasn’t needed necessarily for registering the car, but I wanted it for peace of mind. No note about the wipers not working and when I test drove it, I didn’t think to try the wipers – it was a warm and clear day. Anyway, I have a buddy who’s a mechanic so he will take a look – it may be something as simply as a fuse.

So, Hera and I headed to Calgary. It was a good drive. We arrived at the Vet and I went to go in, door is locked. Now, when the dogs went for their annual check-up back in November, there was a recording when you called the clinic and the people on the phone made it clear that due to “covid” protocols, they were not allowing owners in the clinic. OK, I accepted it back then, we were in the middle of the “scamdemic”.

This time around, there was no recording, no mention from the receptionist and no notice on the door of the clinic, other than to call them when you arrive. I was not please, to say the least. I want to be present when my dog is being examined. I called, and let the receptionist know that I wasn’t happy and wanted the owner of the clinic (my regular vet) to call me when he was back (hopefully today). I let them take Hera in, grudgingly, I wasn’t going to go all the way to Calgary and not have her checked out.

I did send an email to the owner of the clinic though, outlining my concerns and letting him know that I am strongly considering not returning. I understand being safe, but I believe this is overboard. With proper questions to clients, I think their risk is low, to say the least.

So, I expect to get a call back today at some point – I want to get his side of things before I make any decisions.

Anyway, the vet who looked at Hera called me to talk about her findings. She believes Hera has a tear in a ligament in her knee. It might be a sprain, but, there is movement in the knee that should not be there. They did blood-work so that they’d know if she had any kidney or liver issues that might cause issues with the pain meds they wanted to put her on. No issues there.

If it is a tear, Hera will need surgery. It’s not cheap, about $3500. I can get it cheaper in Montana, so, that will depend on when the US border opens. The next step is to sedate Hera so that they can do x-rays / MRI to verify it’s a tear. If she’s not better in two weeks, we will need to proceed with that. If she’s stopped limping then we will assume it was a strain – I am hopeful. The worst case scenario, that I don’t even want to comprehend, is that it could be cancer. I will cross that road, should I ever come to it, but I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that.

So, Hera is on pain meds, she’s comfortable. I need to keep her quiet, no running around, walks on leash only. She will complain a bit when her sisters are running free and she isn’t, but, it’s for her own good, not that she will understand that.

Please send Hera your well wishes, she can use them. So can I. Thanks.

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