A Saturday of Nothingness…

Saturday was really a day of nothingness.

I was woken earlier than I wanted to get up seeing as I didn’t go to bed on Friday night until nearly midnight, which is WAY past my bedtime. I was woken to the sound of Hera, my German Shepherd, puking. For those who have dogs, you will know this is a sound that wakes you up completely and instantly.

So, out to the living room I go and let the dogs out. Hera was nice enough to puke on the couch, good thing it’s leather. A quick clean-up and all is well. Poor Hera, no idea why she puked but there wasn’t anything weird in it at least.

I puttered around the house not doing a lot, this and that on the computer, drinking coffee, eating cereal, a typical Saturday morning perhaps. I decided to go for a nap around 10:30 or so and slept really well for nearly 3 hours. That is an epic nap. I wanted to watch the Astros/Jays game and remembered that I had signed up for a VPN account with PureVPN and I could use that to allow MLB.tv to show me the otherwise blacked-out Jays.

On Friday, the Astros hammered the Jays 13-1 and on Saturday, I think the Jays wanted some revenge and they got it, the final was 6-1, I turned the game off when it was 5-0, I figure it was not the Astros day. The Rockies played in the evening, it’s rarely their day, they lost to the A’s for the second straight day. I did not watch.

I recently subscribed to Netflix, again, and this time around, the selection looks to be far better than it was 2 years ago (or so) when I last subscribed. I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, although I have seen it numerous times before. Good movie, I recall that I saw it in the theatre way back in 1986 when I was visiting Chilliwack, BC with my Mom, brother and sister in law, my brother and I went, one of the few things we’ve ever done together.

I went to bed at 9, I was tired, even though I had an epic nap. Such is life, I suppose.

Today, I am leaving around 9am to head out with some buddies to do some skeet shooting. We last went in February, so todays weather should be better. It’s supposed to be cloudy but no rain and temps in the low teens. I can handle that (for any American readers, that would be low 50s F). I was impressed the last time with my shooting, I was hitting about 4 out of 5 skeets. I plan on getting my PAL this year some time and then buying a shotgun so I don’t have to borrow my buddies all the time and get him to buy ammo for me, and then store the ammo for me – I am sure he will appreciate it as well.

Enjoy the day.

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