An eventful Friday…

I didn’t wake up until after 6am yesterday, which is rather odd to say the least since I normally wake up between 3am-4am lately. It was sort of nice to sleep in. I know most people would not consider 6am sleeping in, but, believe me, it was.

I was a bit sore from slo-pitch on Thursday night. I have an Obusform back massager on my chair, it does wonders. I hurt my back way back when I was 24 and have been careful with my back ever since. I have not (knock on wood) had a back flair-up in about 6 years now, which is great. I am sure the massager helps.

Yesterday was more of a laid back day. I did make a run to the dump. I had to dispose of a bed frame that I purchased, sight-unseen. I etransferred the money to the seller before I saw it, I was going to have a friend pick it up for me and hold onto it until the next time I was in Calgary. I had forgotten that he has a “play truck” with a very small bed, it wouldn’t fit, the seller said she’d hold it until the following Thursday when I was supposed to be in Calgary. I pushed my trip up since the weather forecast was calling for bad weather that Thursday, so on the Sunday, I loaded the dogs into the truck and we headed to Calgary.

As soon as I saw the frame, I should have told her to use the $25 I sent her and dispose of the bed, it was really cheaply made, but, I figured I could fix the end slats and headboard slats that had come off and make use of the bed. When I got it home and unloaded it, more slats came off and part of the headboard broke – it was REALLY cheaply made, particle board and cheap at that.

Anyway, at that time, I knew I was not going to be able to use it and it’s sat outside since. Well, it’s now at the dump, where it belonged all along.

I also stopped at Back Country Butchers in Cowley. Texas Twinkies were freshly made and I bought some for myself and some for my neighbour. A Texas Twinkie is a chicken breast stuffed with a cream cheese stuffed jalapeno pepper all wrapped in bacon. They are really good and they are really big. One is definitely a meal.

My last stop for the day was Canadian Tire in Fernie, BC. It’s always a nice drive there, a neighbour joined me but she could not find what she was looking for. I returned a drill that I didn’t end up needing.

I started watching the Rockies game, the Astros were also playing, but were playing in Buffalo (against the Jays) so I could not watch since Jays games are blacked out on in Canada, that makes sense, doesn’t it? I turned off the Rockies game pretty early, when they were down 5-0 – I don’t recall what the final was, but it was a loss. It was against the AL West leading A’s though, so I am not surprised they lost. They’ve been doing a fair amount of that.

I watched a movie that came highly recommended instead. A Fistful of Dollars staring Clint Eastwood, from the late 60’s. I watched it because it was Clint who is one of my favourite actors and directors, but wow, it was a bad movie. The lines were awful, dubbing was pathetic and the acting was awful – but it was the 60’s. There were no special effects, at all and I would guess it was made with about a $40 budget. Oh well, I suppose I survived. It is one in a series of movies that includes For a Few More Dollars and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. I am not sure if I will watch the next two, I am sure they will be painful, but I might. Sorry, Clint, not your best work. LOL

After that, I was scrolling through Netflix and saw a movie that I had heard nothing but bad things about. Based on Stephen King’s series, The Dark Tower, I decided to give it a go, even though the reviews were bad. Once you accept that it does not follow the books (there were 7 books in total, how can a 90 minute movie possibly follow 7 books?), it was actually quite good. Lots of action and references to the original books for sure, I really enjoyed it, as a stand-alone film. I would still love to see someone do a mini-series and more closely follow the book series, but I am sure that would cost a small fortune. I am glad I watched it, one of the better movies I have seen recently.

I remember reading that the choice for Roland, the Gunslinger was not right – in the book, Roland was a middle-aged white guy, and it was important that he was white as there were references to that in the second book of the series. In the movie, Idris Elba was the lead character of Roland, a black dude that I had never heard of before and he was excellent in the role. His being black did not have any bearing on this movie, at all and he did a great job. The other main character, Jake Chambers was played by a young British actor, Tom Taylor – he did a great job as well, I had also not heard of this actor. All in all, it was a great stand-alone movie, just don’t expect it to follow the books and you’ll be fine, I am not sure why it was so negatively received. It ended in such a way that a sequel, or series of movies could follow, but, unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think initially, they were going to make more, but, people are fickle, I suppose. Now, Tom Taylor is 4 or 5 years older and would be tough for him to play a 14 year old… Still, I hope someone tackles a mini-series, it would be great.

The day ended late, after 11:30 and I was still awake by midnight, although not much after that time. For some reason, I still woke up at 4am and dog-puking sounds made me get up all that much quicker. That’s what I like doing, first thing on a Saturday morning, cleaning up dog puke. Poor Hera… She seems fine now, so who knows.

Well, hopefully your Saturday didn’t start with dog puke and hopefully it doesn’t involve it at all – enjoy the day.

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