Slo-Pitch? Sure, sounds like fun…

My former neighbour posted on one of the Facebook groups I follow about slo-pitch in Crowsnest Pass. I have never played slo-pitch before, but I figured it would be a great way to meet some people this coming summer, so I went out last night.

I did ask before going if there’d be people my age(ish), as I didn’t really want to play with a group of 20-somethings. He assured me that there would be a few, so that was good. It was a mixture of young and middle-aged players. It was a good time.

I missed one easy pop-up on the infield when I was playing second base. I will blame the wind, and believe me, it is windy in the pass. Anyway, I redeemed myself in the outfield by making 2 catches on two balls hit to me. I don’t know who would want to play outfield though, way too much running.

I’d like to apologize to any players who I’ve put into the outfield and hate it – I don’t blame you. LOL

I am definitely not used to a ball coming in on the angle that it does – it’s slow, hence the name slo-pitch. I had a few weak hits, one ball left the infield. I am sure I will improve, with time.

I am a bit sore this morning. My legs are sore, I am not used to that much running. My arm and shoulder are a bit sore, but I will pretty careful as I didn’t want to further hurt my shoulder. My back is sore too, I am currently using my back massager. It seems great.

We go out again next Thursday, I am hopeful that I will recover (fully) by then.

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