Congratulations, Canadiens…

On Monday evening, the Montreal Canadiens made an unlikely (sort of) comeback against the Toronto Maple Leafs and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. They were down 3 games to 1 and won 3 in a row to take the series. This likely surprises few people as the Leafs have been playoff chokers for a number of years and have not won the Stanley Cup in my lifetime (67 was the last time, I believe).

Now, I realize this is fairly un-Canadian of me, but I am not a huge hockey fan. I actually find the game to be a bit boring. I do like the Calgary Flames. My brother lived in Calgary in 1980 when the Flames moved from Atlanta and he bought be some Flames merchandise. At that point in my life, alone with most people from Southern Ontario, I was a Leafs fan. Although my brother and I aren’t close (we really don’t know each other at all), I do thank him for turning me away from being a Leafs fan and a life of misery.

So, after the Leafs completed their collapse, I posted a few memes on Facebook, you know, just to rub some salt into the wounds of Leaf fan friends of mine. Harmless, right?

Well, apparently not. A friend of mine, not a close friend at all, actually unfriended me and he posted on the first post that I made that he was unfriending me. I laughed at it, thinking he was kidding, who actually unfriends someone for sports hassling? Later on, in Facebook, I noticed that my friend count was down by one and sure enough, he actually unfriended me.

I guess we really aren’t friends – he’s the husband of a former co-worker, so it’s not like he’s a close friend or anything, in fact, we’ve only met twice, but I did enjoy many of his posts and he often commented on mine. I am unsure of someone’s mindset if a simply post on Facebook makes you unfriend someone though, are you that insecure that you just can’t handle it? Pretty pathetic, I think, sort of like the Leafs effort in the playoffs.

So, we are no longer friends on Facebook and, to ensure that you don’t refriend me (is that a word?), I have blocked your account. I would, hesitantly, describe you as a “snowflake”. Enjoy being a Leafs fan, and, undoubtedly, continuing with a life of misery as a Leafs fan.

Congratulations to the Canadiens for eliminating the Leafs. I don’t mind the Leafs really, it’s the fans. And that particular fan in general is why Canada doesn’t like the Leafs.

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