Happy 50th, Kevin…

I booked a return flight to Ontario today for the beginning of August. I am going to spend my 50th birthday in the Homeland. I fly out on the Red Eye flight on August 4 and return in the early afternoon of August 10. Not a long trip, 6 days, I am cramming a LOT into those 6 days though.

In their infinite wisdom, the Ontario Government extended emergency powers until December 1. In my view (and in many, many others views as well), this is an unnecessary over-reach and power grab by the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, henceforth referred to as Czar Ford. Anyway, Czar Ford can extend lockdowns and what-not, without any oversight from his party, no debate, nothing. It’s insane. So, who knows if restaurants will be open for dine-in yet, who knows if the patios will be open, no one can tell. Czar Ford is borderline crazy, everyone but the idiots in his own party see this. A number of PCs voted for this, more abstained from the vote and they are likely worse. All of them should be removed at the next election, presuming Czar Ford allows elections moving forward. I digress.

My flight was dirt cheap. It cost me $222.11 return. I can’t even imagine that, it’s nuts. A typical return flight is about $550. That’s $330 some cheaper than normal. The airlines complained they weren’t making any money, well, what are they doing now? Losing it hand over fist? I have no clue. All I do know is that I have a hell of a deal on a flight.

I rented a full-sized SUV for the 6 days while I am in Ontario. It was about 2.5 times more than the flight. Insanity. But, I am going to be travelling all over and I need a vehicle. I am also used to a bigger vehicle now, so I refuse to squeeze into a sub-compact.

I have already arranged to see many family and friends while in Ontario. My 6 days will be a blur, I am sure. But, I am also sure that it will be fun. Everything is in my calendar. If it wasn’t, there is NO WAY I’d be able to keep everything straight.

I am hoping to do something with friends and family on my birthday, need to speak with my host first though. Should be a blast.

The dogs are booked in boarding already. A secured parking spot is secured for the truck at the Calgary airport. All is set. I am ready to go.

August will be here before we know it.

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