Another busy Friday driving all over hell’s half acre…

Friday was a rather busy day.

I left for Ft. McLeod at 830am to meet with a person from Facebook Marketplace to but a hand-made tin and wood-framed Canadian flag. We were meeting at the Tim Hortons, easy for out of towners to find I guess and it keeps her address a secret, better to be safe, than sorry, I suppose.

She brought two flags with her. On one, the tin had a ripple going vertical and the other had it going horizontal – she wanted to know which one I wanted. I couldn’t choose, so I asked her if I could buy both, so I did.

I think they are very cool. She makes a bunch of stuff like this so I will have to check out her website.

I was originally planning on continuing on to Lethbridge and do a Costco run, unless I got a call back from Truckcessories in Calgary, I had called to see if they could push my appointment up a couple of weeks and install my truck bed cover and mud flaps. Just as I got onto Highway 3 heading East where it expands to 2 lanes each way, I got a call back and he could fit me in. So, at the next turn, I turned around and headed towards Calgary.

I arrived shortly before 12:30 and they got me in right away. The owner and I chatted for the next hour or so and the install was done.

Truck-bed cover
Mud flaps

I think they look awesome. I also got LED lights installed for the bed, very cool.

I did some running around in Calgary and got out of the city far later than I wanted to, it was after 3pm. I headed towards Okotoks where I was going to Costco, finally. I stopped for gas (7 cents a liter cheaper) and there was a line so I waited about 15 minutes before being able to fill up. Costco itself wasn’t overly busy, I found almost everything on my list (3 people, including myself) and checked out.

I headed for home and arrived around 6:30, just enough time to fetch the dogs and my old cell phone, a Google Pixel 3a XL that someone in BC wanted to buy, we arranged to meet at Save-on-Foods in Sparwood. She took the phone, at asking price (priced to sell at $200 including a great case) and I did some grocery shopping. The dogs and I headed home, they ate a dinner far later than they are used to and I wrapped up the day with some TV.

Sleep came quickly when I did go to bed, it was a long day of running around.

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