Low Key Victoria Day

For the first time in 4 days or so, there is no snow on the ground this morning. It is lightly raining, but at least it’s rain, not white rain. It’s 6C outside as well so just a little warm for snow. I am not sure how warm it is supposed to be today (or this week) but I think we are supposed to actually hit the double digits. So, perhaps that is it for snow for a while. Oh, I am sure it will snow again but, it shouldn’t stick at this point – I hope anyway. I am done with it until, let’s say the middle of October. That may be wishful thinking.

Yesterday was a stay at home type day. I watched some TV scattered through the day. I made a couple of Facebook Marketplace sales. I stopped at the grocery store. That type of day.

The Rockies started a road trip in New York against the Mets. They have been awful on the road this year with only 2 road wins thus far. They were able to hang on against the Mets and pull out a 3-2 win. Great start for the series. The Astros had the night off and host the Dodgers for a 2 game series starting tonight.

I have the mega-excitement of going to the dump today. Ooooh, what fun. Needs to be done though. Nothing else much planned. If the weather clears up, the dogs and I will go for a hike.

Welcome to the week everyone. Enjoy.

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