Chocolate Frosted Flakes are AMAZING…

When I was in Saskatchewan early this month (or was that last month?) I went grocery shopping and happened to purchase a box of Chocolate Frosted Flakes. I have always sort of had a sweet tooth (very hard habit to break) and I thought I would try them. I had low expectations. I do like Frosted Flakes, except that they are so sweet, typically, if I buy them, I also buy Corn Flakes and mix the two.

Well, I was very surprised with Chocolate Frosted Flakes, they weren’t overly sweet, they did not have an over powering chocolate taste and they did make the milk slightly chocolatey, which is a nice add-on. The stayed crunchy, right to the end and that in itself is one of the most important things for cereal.

So, I thought that I had found another regular cereal to add to my rotation. I am eating far less cereal now that I am off of work. I used to eat a bowl right around 730 in the morning but now that my schedule is more wide-open, I often don’t. I did however finish the box of CFF and wanted to buy a new one.

As those who read this blog know, I live in the Middle of Nowhere, Alberta. We only have one grocery store, an IGA and its selection is somewhat limited as it is not the largest store in the world. They did not have it. I was disappointed but figured they would have it at Walmart in Pincher Creek.

I hadn’t make the trek to Pincher Creek lately, or more accurately, I had not gone to Walmart so Sunday morning, I asked the dogs if they wanted to go for a truck ride – that question is always answered with a resounding YES as they all do a mad scramble to the door. Off we go, West into BC to the Save-on-Foods in Sparwood. It’s a really nice store and I have considered doing a majority of my grocery shopping there as its selection is far better than IGA.

Anyway, they had CFF, for $5.99 a box, a little pricy, but at least I could buy it. My friend also thought to look on Amazon and they carry it as well at, get this, $2.99 a box – for the same sized box. So, someone here is making an amazing profit on cereal and it isn’t Amazon. I know some people don’t like supporting Amazon, but hey, if I can save $3 on a box of cereal, I will.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the Rockies win in the bottom of the 9th inning with a walk-off homer, quite exciting. It was also, I believe, the first pitch of the inning and boom, gone, right-center field. The Rockies swept the series against the Diamondbacks. They are still in last place in the NL West and that is not likely to change this season. They are doing well at home, have a winning record, but they are purely awful on the road. They are definitely in a rebuilding phase and have been for some time. The issues are with ownership from what I’ve read. The team and the GM did part ways which is a good thing, now people feel new ownership is needed, but we will see what happens.

Last night, I went to bed at 730pm. I was unable to stay awake. I woke up at 1230am, went to the bathroom and said I am NOT getting up this early (that was my typical 5 hours sleep) and went back to sleep until just after 4am, so that was one of the best nights sleep I have had in a while, I feel completely refreshed today.

I went outside with the dogs and that bitch, Mother Nature gave us about 5″ of snow last night. Thanks, Mother Nature, just what we needed for Victoria Day. Enjoy yours.

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