A great night for a fire…

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. As per usual, I woke up at stupid o’clock – it was shortly after 2am. I didn’t get up until shortly after 4am though.

I went and had a great 1.5 hour nap and was up again around 1030. I watched the Rockies game in the afternoon. It was a stressful game as the Rockies are not playing good baseball, at all. They held on for a 7-6 win against the Diamondbacks with Bumgarner pitching – I have always enjoyed watching him pitch, although he’s a suck at times whining about this and that. He is on the downslope of his career so I suspect he’ll retire in the next few years.

I invited a friend over for dinner. I was making Texas Twinkies as the main course. That’s a chicken breast stuffed with a cream cheese stuff jalapeno pepper, all wrapped in bacon. They are big and take about 45 minutes on the BBQ to cook. I made roasted potatoes with onion and peppers and there was a Caesar salad and bread to complete the meal. I was planning on making dessert, but we were both VERY full.

We assembled a new chimney type stove for outside and got it done in about an hour.

Chimney Fireplace

I really like it and am looking forward to using it. I stopped by 7/11 and was going to buy firewood. A small bag, about 5lbs or so was $15.99 – yeah, hard no there 7/11 – their prices on things are ridiculous. I pretty much only go in for Big Gulps and coffee. Big Gulps used to be 89 cents in the summer, no more. Their rewards program sucks now as well, used to get every 7th drink free, that went away. Oh well…

Anyway, I have a backup firepit, propane, so I used that one.

Propane Firepit

It’s great and I can use it when there are firebans in the area, which happen often. The hose is long, as you can see. It provides great heat as the evening was getting cold. Springtime in the mountains, I guess – I am glad that all the snow that fell Thursday and Friday is gone.

Enjoy your May 2-4 weekend.

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