Liar, liar, pants on fire…

I was scheduled to bring my truck in for an oil change yesterday. I made the appointment for first thing, 8am and arrived a bit early. I decided to bring it into the dealer in Fort McLeod and I am glad I did. First off, it only took them 30 minutes to do which is pretty good and it was only $75 which is also pretty good.

I know that some would say “change your own oil”… No, I have no idea how I would do that and it’s too damn messy anyway, I will let the experts do it and I know it’s done correctly. Changing it myself might save some $$$ but it’s not worth it to me.

When I was at Cross Iron Mills mall, I bought a wireless charger. I asked the sales person if it would work with my OtterBox case – she brought my phone into the back and came back 30 seconds later saying that yes, it was charging. Great.

I setup the charger when I got home and low and behold, does NOT work through the case, works perfectly without the case. So, all I can assume is that the sales person lied to be to get the $50 sale.

So, since I was already in Fort McLeod, I figured I would drive the additional 30 minutes to Lethbridge where the nearest Rogers store was. I stopped to wash the truck and got to the mall a bit early. Once the Rogers store opened, I told the dude working what happened, he had to call his Manager and I was told that it had to be returned to the store where it was purchased. What kind of stupid policy is this? I was, to say the least, not happy.

I am not going to drive 2.5 hours back to Cross Iron Mills, it would cost me $70 or so in gas and at least 6 hours of time. Absolutely ridiculous. I did see that the receipt did indicate that returns needed to be made at the store where purchased, but that’s a bit nuts.

So, I guess I won’t be returning it – I will be calling the store today and asking to speak to the Manager or having him/her call me back so I can complain about the employee – there is no way it worked there and didn’t work when I got it home, not a chance. If he/she offers to allow me to return it the next time I am there, great, if not, well, I don’t know. I might get a different case and return this case maybe, I am not sure. I bought an OtterBox because they are great for protecting the phone. I will see.

I headed home from Lethbridge, stopped to get my dogs on the way. They played outside for about 30 minutes with the owners Great Dane. The puppy, Chiquita, is about 5 months old, a really nice dog, very friendly – needs to learn some manners still. They dogs had a great time running about, getting dirty. We headed home and I had an awesome 4 hour nap in the afternoon. Getting up at 2am makes that a requirement some days, that’s for sure.

No plans for any travel at all today. No plans on travelling tomorrow either. I think it will be a stay at home type long weekend, not that a long weekend means too much to me right now.

I hope you enjoy yours.

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