Another day of travel…

Yesterday morning I dropped the dogs off at boarding for the day and night. I was originally supposed to get a bed liner sprayed in my truck but I have rescheduled it for a later date, likely July. The dogs love going to boarding and have a great time playing with the owners Great Dane puppy.

We woke up to about 6-8″ of snow as well. Gotta love snow in late spring, but, it is the mountains and it isn’t June yet, not that June will stop the snow. The roads were too warm so the snow melted when it hit so it was only accumulating on the grass. Some of the roads leading to the kennel were a bit slick, but, in general they weren’t too bad.

I headed to Calgary via Ft. McLeod and had an uneventful trip. I stopped in Claresholm at 7/11 and the roads were basically just wet. As I got into Calgary they were dry. I got to Cross Iron Mills, a huge mall just north of Calgary and brought my cell phone to get a screen protector on. I know I can do this more locally, but I like this particular brand of screen protector and have used them for a few years.

I did a lap of the mall while waiting for my phone – it is almost 4km around, according to my fitness tracker. Phone in hand (wallet only $35 lighter), I went to explore. I stopped at Rogers and bought a wireless charging station for my phone and at Stokes for a fruit bowl and a pizza stone.

The trip home was great. I stopped in Okotoks at Costco for gas ($1.19 per liter) and continued on my way. No snow on the roads at all and by the time I got home around 4pm, the snow was mostly melted here as well. We can use the precipitation for sure, everything will be green in the next few days.

I am leaving this morning just before 7 to head back to Ft. McLeod for an oil change. I could get it more locally, but wanted to take it to the dealer. I want them to update my uConnect system, or tell me how to do it – some minor issues that drive me insane, I know, short trip. I will stop to get the dogs on the way back so it will be just over a 24 hour stay for them.

I have firmed up plans for visiting Ontario in August for 10 days or so. I hope all of the nonsense has been wrapped up by then, but, who knows? The Politicians and public health people seem to be power hungry with their restrictions. I think we are getting quite tired of it and if the restrictions don’t end soon, a revolt is in order I would think. Good thing Canadians, in general, are patient and non-violent.

Enjoy the May 24 weekend.

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