Busy days… Busier than working even…

The dogs go to day-boarding on Wednesdays so that they can socialize with their dog friends. They get picked up at around 930am and get home about 6 hours later, give or take, and are absolutely exhausted. From the pictures that Crowsnest Pet Care posts, they have a great time. I think it’s important that they socialize outside of their 3-dog pack. Hera is even good with the little dogs, unless they bug her and really, if you’re an 8lb Yorkie, how dumb do you have to be to bug a 100lb Shepherd. They all have their specific friends that they enjoy hanging out with as well – it’s very cute.

So, Wednesdays are my to-do days where I can get stuff done out and about and not have to worry about the dogs, not that I really worry, they are fine by themselves but at least I know I don’t need to rush home to let them out or feed them.

Yesterday, I make a Facebook exchange on Marketplace. I had a large bedside table listed for sale and a person that I had purchased from before was selling a huge and gorgeous wood wind chime. She saw my post and asked if I would be interested in trading. It was a done deal. The bedside table has been delivered and the wind chime, which was made in Indonesian, was picked up. It is going to be very cool hanging outside and made a cool sound, not like those annoying metal windchimes.

I also decided, reluctantly, to get my covid shot yesterday. I had been humming and hawing about it, there was a spot in the back of my mind telling me not to do it. I have never been ant-vaxx at all, I have all of my shots (as far as I am aware). I just think this one was developed too quickly and we really don’t know of any long term side-effects. It hasn’t even been approved for use outside of the ongoing emergency situation. Anyway, I got it – no side-effects as yet, no third arm growing out of my back (would be handy to scratch my own back). It really came down to that I want to travel and it sounds like countries are going to require it to travel. There are many countries now that require the standard immunization to travel so this isn’t that much different. I know that our governments (which I have absolutely no respect for, any level, any party) want everyone to get it and won’t re-open us until everyone, or close to everyone is. Time will tell I suppose. I am still unsupportive of mask mandates, they are ridiculous and am against any sort of lock-downs, closings, whatever. Let’s get back to normal and let’s do it now. We need to protect those that are most vulnerable, and I believe we have, but let those of us who want to, get on with life. For those who are still scared (and there are many, many who fall into this category), let them stay huddled in their basements. There, I said my part – love me or hate me, makes no real difference.

Other than that, Wednesday was a baseball day. The Rockies, my #1 team lost yet again on the road and again to the Padres. Their road record this year is pathetic (I believe they are 2-17 on the road) and have lost 13 of 14 in San Diego so that is a few seasons anyway. They will be lucky to win 50 games this year I think. A team can’t suck forever, can they? I then caught some of the Angels/Indians game – are they still called the Indians or is that not politically correct? They will always be the Cleveland Indians to me anyway. That multi-use player on the Angels was pitching – sure, he’s good and leads the lead in homeruns, but so what? MLB is all over him and it’s quite sickening. Move on… I ended the day with the Astros playing in Oakland against the A’s. It was a second place AL West team facing the first place AL West team. I went to bed when it was 5-1 and the Astros held on and beat them 8-1, I think it was. Grienke was pitching, love watching him and the occasional 52mph pitch he throws that barely makes the plate and yet, somehow falls in for a strike. Amazing pitcher and he’s been at it for a long time. I guess I am happy that one of my two teams is doing well, although I continue to hear about their cheating scandal in 2017 when they won the World Series. Sure, they got caught, most if not all teams do some sort of cheating – it’s not right, but it is what it is. You know what though, I wasn’t involved with the cheating, I am just a fan. Sigh…

Today, the dogs are going to boarding for 2 days and I am off to Calgary today. I will be back this evening though, so just a day trip. The weather sucks, we are getting snow today/tomorrow and up to 25cm of it as well. It will be gone by the weekend as temps are going to warm up. We can use the moisture anyway but come on, it’s the May 24 weekend, let’s have some nice weather and have it stick. Yeah, that won’t work, Mother Nature can be a bitch, can’t she?

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