A day of nothingness…

Yesterday was a day of nothingness.

You need to have those every once in a while, even when you aren’t doing much to begin with.

I slept in. Well, slept in for me anyway, did not wake up until around 4am. It’s pretty sad when 4am is considered sleeping in, but, it is what it is. The morning was dark and gray and the day got colder as it moved along.

I had a glorious 2.5 hour nap at noon. I guess I was trying to catch up on missed sleep overnight and also because I knew that both the Rockies and Astros played on the West coast so the games would go late. Well, late for me, not too late for “normal” people who sleep normal hours.

A friend asked me to go to Fernie to assist with picking up a couch. It was a good drive there and one of the rare times that I was actually a passenger. Thankfully, she’s a bus driver and it was an excellent drive – I approve. The couch came apart very easily, the back of it just slid off making it super easy to load into her truck. Since we were in Fernie, we stopped off at DQ for dinner – their chicken strips, fries and gravy are amazing, easily the best restaurant chicken strips going. I also had a chocolate brownie blizzard and added strawberry – very good and I am sure no calories.

We headed back to the Pass, unloaded the couch (it was actually a love seat) and I headed home. I decided to watch the Astros game, it started earlier so I could go to bed earlier. They opened up a large lead but unfortunately could not hold on and lost 6-5. Disappointing. On the NL side of things, the Rockies lost a close 2-1 contest against the Padres. I would expect the Astros to contend for the AL West title. I am not expecting much from the Rockies. If they win 50 games, I think it’ll be good, well, as good as it’s going to get anyway.

Not much planned for the day today really. The dogs are off to day care in 5 hours or so, that lets me do some running around and what-not without leaving the dogs to their own for entertainment. I placed an ad on Facebook Marketplace, selling a really nice bed side table that I really don’t have room for. I listed it for $50. I got a text last night from a lady that I am buying a cool set of wind chimes from, she wanted to know if I would accept a trade for the bedside table. Sounds good to me, I will deliver it this morning. The wind chimes are cool. If I remember, I will post a picture, maybe a video.

Tomorrow and Friday, the dogs will be in boarding as I am heading to Calgary. I plan on going to Cross Iron Mills mall north of Calgary and doing some other stuff around the city. I need to get a screen protector put on my new phone at a business at Cross Iron Mills, they are inexpensive and do a great job. I think I will be back Thursday evening though, I am not saying over as I originally planned, that could still change though, perhaps.

Enjoy Hump Day, the weekend is half way here.

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