You’re closed on Monday and Tuesday? Damn…

I have heard a bunch of good things about a restaurant and general store in Twin Butte, Alberta so yesterday I decided to take the almost hour drive to check it out. I absolutely love smothered burritos, so that was my plan to have for lunch.

I didn’t take the dogs as I wasn’t sure if there’d be anywhere good for us to go for a hike. I headed out shortly after noon. Well, when I arrived, if you sneezed, you’d miss Twin Butte. There was no issue finding the general store and restaurant, they are right on the highway and there isn’t much else there other than a community hall and an ice cream place. I presume they survive on traffic going through to Watertown Park, another place that I have not been to, but need to go to.

So, I go in, no one is around. A clerk appears from the back and tells me that the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Well, isn’t that wonderful. No burrito for me. I suppose that I should have checked to see if they had odd hours and actually, most restaurants in the Pass are closed on Mondays but I didn’t even think about that.

I bought a Mars bar and a Starbucks cold drink for the drive home. I stopped at Walmart in Pincher Creek since it was on the way and made my way towards home.

I stopped in Lundbreck at a great small business that repairs and sells lawn equipment. I purchased a power washer, the owner showed me how to start it (it’s gas) and we chatted about this and that. He loaded it in my truck and off I went. I visited with another friend for a bit on the way home then actually made it home as it was nearly dinner time for the dogs. Hera gets “hangry” if she isn’t fed when she thinks she needs to be fed, we don’t want that.

No baseball last night to watch as the Rockies were playing in San Diego and I don’t stay up that late. I also decided, yesterday, after thinking about it for months, to cut the cord. I called Bell and cancelled my satellite service. He did offer to downgrade my service, get the basic package and add 10 channels on for $20 but that would gave meant I was still paying $45 a month for something that I don’t really watch that much. I passed… Most of the stations that I want nowadays are owned by CTV and the CTV app is great, I can watch them all their, logging in with my Shaw account. So, I will save $75 some per month. I am paying for some streaming services, I have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ and I had looked at TSN and SportsNet, but that $30 or so for both, it was a bit much I thought. I rarely want to watch hockey anyway and I can skip on watching the Blue Jays (they are blacked out in Canada on

So, the start of a new era, no traditional TV services. Took me long enough, for sure.

The beautiful weather we’ve had the last few days ends today. The high is supposed to be in the low teens today and by Thursday, they are calling for snow which is sort of gross for this time of year. It’s not the May 24 weekend yet, so snow is always possible. Hell, it can snow in June for that matter. Anyway, more normal temps return by the weekend and next week.

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