A Productive Saturday…

Yesterday was a productive day on the homestead. My cleaning lady came over to finish up. I asked her if she could clean the oven and she complied, although she didn’t want to. She hates cleaning ovens (can you blame her?) and this oven was particularly dirty, we are unsure when it was last cleaned, but it has been a while to say the least. It looks great now, after some elbow grease and swear words were applied.

I got stuff done around the house while she was cleaning and the dogs mostly stayed out of the way. I made a quick trip to Canadian Tire in Fernie, needed and bought a power drill. I also bought a new set of dishes, they were on sale, half price. I have used the same plates for 25 years, I thought it was time for a change. I will offer the dishes I have now to someone who can use them, a young person moving out for the first time or something, I am sure someone will take them. They are all in good shape, no chips or anything.

The set I bought are black with red highlights, pretty cool looking and very heavy. It’s only a set for 4, but, I can’t recall the last time I have had more than 4 people (including myself) for dinner – it’s been years, in fact, it would have been back in Ontario, I am not big on dinner parties.

Today, the dogs and I are heading to Calgary for the morning. Heading out at 630am, going to pick up a bed frame and then hopefully going for a walk with one of their dog friends. I will stop at Costco on the way home for gas, don’t think I need anything else there though.

No other plans for the day, other than baseball watching this afternoon. The Rockies are playing the Reds this weekend and are 2-1 thus far. I believe that their loss yesterday was because I didn’t watch the game – sorry Rockies Nation. The Astros are on a 5-game winning streak. They are playing the Texas Rangers though, so I am not even sure if that counts.

So, that’s the Sunday that I have ahead of me – I hope yours is good as well.

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