A trip to Lethbridge, a speeding ticket and a beautiful day…

Yesterday was the scheduled day for my cleaning lady to come over and do her thing. She arrived right around 8am. She has fallen in love with the coffee I drink, and I can’t blame her, it’s quite amazing stuff. I but a French vanilla / hazelnut blend from Costco. I buy a 2lb bag of beans and grind it myself. Well, actually, the coffee maker I have grinds it and makes amazing coffee. She drinks copious amounts of coffee, even more than I do.

Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to go to Lethbridge with me. I had to go and pick up a digital camera that I was purchasing to pursue my new hobby of photography. Also, since I was going to be in Lethbridge, a trip to Costco was in order and I also stopped to wash the truck and pick up Domino’s pizza.

On the way to Lethbridge, with the cruise control locked in at 130kph (speed limit of 110kph), I was pulled over by a sneaky RCMP officer, or perhaps he was an Alberta Sheriff, unsure. Anyway, his radar picked me up before I even saw him, so I knew I was caught.

Anyway, I pulled over and waited for him to catch up… He was young, in his 20s I would guess. He asked me if I knew why I was pulled over, I bit my tongue and didn’t allow my sarcasm to come out… I gave him my license and insurance/registration and off he went.

Less than 5 minutes later, he returned with a speeding ticket, 20 over, no break on it AT ALL and a $175 fine. We joked a bit, my sarcasm came out and H (my cleaning lady) was like KEVIN !!! – I replied with “What? He can’t give me another ticket”… H loves my sense of humour, I think.

Anyway, I plan on fighting the ticket. Not that I am not guilty, I am. But, I have never had a speeding ticket before and really, is 20 over that bad? Yes, I admit it’s speeding but “everyone else drives at that speed”… I accused the officer of having a bad day and/or being in a bad mood – I think H thought I was going to be arrested or something, but the officer was laughing – I think I made his day. I did thank him for his service, Police Officers have a VERY tough job, and although this one was making my day a little worse, in general, their service is invaluable. We discussed what is considered “speeding” and what isn’t. At 15kph over the limit, I would have been fine, so, I guess for the next while, I will use that as my guideline. Does anyone know if a radar detector is legal in Alberta? LOL

Back to getting to Lethbridge, albeit a bit later than expected… I stopped where I was purchasing a Nikon digital camera. A photographer friend of mine said it was a good starter camera for someone like me and the price point was excellent. I paid via eTransfer but after the seller and I made small talk for 20 odd minutes, she still had not received payment. I happened to have cash on my as I am getting a spray in liner sprayed on next week and need cash – I used $400 of that to pay the lady and I cancelled the eTransfer (to the sum of $3.50, dammit, I am cheap). Off H and I went to Costco.

Costco wasn’t too busy – gas was $1.19 per liter. I picked up what I needed in Costco and off we went to get the truck washed. H apparently doesn’t like the confinement of car washes. Domino’s pizza was the next stop – I love their pizza and get it just about every time I am in Lethbridge and bring some home to freeze as well.

Back home, the package I waited for all day Thursday had arrived, a day late, but it had arrived. An OtterBox case for my new cell phone. Thanks FedEx, unsure why it was a day late, but at least it arrived.

Low-key for the rest of the day – watched the Rockies clobber the Reds for the second day in a row and trolled my buddy, California #1 who happens to be a Reds fan.

I was asleep by 11pm and, unfortunately, awake by 2am, out of bed by shortly after 3am. I may have a nap this afternoon, or I may zip up to Calgary for an event, unsure at this point. My tiredness will likely win over.

So, that was Friday. A trip to Lethbridge, a speeding ticket and a new camera. Not a bad day, I suppose, save the ticket… 🙂

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