Lots of stuff going on…

Blondie, Hera and Twix have been in boarding since Wednesday. It wasn’t planned. They go to day care every Wednesday to get their weekly dose of dog socialization and I messaged Crowsnest Pet Care to see if they could keep them until this afternoon. They were scheduled to be in day care again today.

I had a lot of stuff to do around the house and I didn’t want them getting under foot. An occasional break is also good, both for me and I am sure for them. I do miss them though, my morning routine is different for sure, I don’t need to fill three food dishes and the water bowl and clean up after them, but, regardless, I am looking forward to having them back this afternoon.

Yesterday, I stuck close to home as FedEx was supposed to deliver my new cell phone case that I ordered from OtterBox. At first, it said out for delivery by 5pm. As 5pm came and went and no FedEx, they did update the time of delivery to “end of day”. Well, I am pretty sure it isn’t Thursday anywhere on the planet, so, I think they are late. When I check the status this morning, it says “pending”. Good job, FedEx (not).

So, I presume FedEx will try to deliver today. I have a Purolator sticker on my front door that if I am not home when they try to deliver that they will leave the package at my back door. I don’t know if such things exist with FedEx, I presume they do but I don’t have a FedEx sticker. I will leave a note on the front door asking him to leave it at the back door, hopefully he will accept that, otherwise I am sure that I am not getting my case until Monday and that will suck. Phones without cases are too dang slick and dropping them tends to be too dang expensive. I have to zip to Lethbridge this morning/afternoon and am not sure if I will be home when they try to deliver, presuming they do. I have far more faith with Purolator than I do with FedEx.

My cleaning lady is coming over this morning. She is aiming for early, but her definition of early and mine are two different things. She might shock me and get here at 7, but I am not counting on it. Anyway, I tend to work better at getting things I need to get done when there is someone else here working away. She does a pretty good job for me.

So, as I was saying, I am heading to Lethbridge. I am planning on buying a used Nikon digital camera and also making a Costco run while I am there. I have always enjoyed photography and want something better than my cell phone camera. It can become a very expensive hobby, if you let it, that’s for sure. Anyway, it is a decent camera and hopefully the deal works out, it appears to be in great condition, the owner upgraded. We’ll see.

Costco is a monthly (at least) trip. I actually really enjoy the store, other than they stupid mask rules and believe me, you don’t get in there without one. Hopefully that will all end soon. Well, soon is a relative term I suppose, it’s been “just two weeks” for 15 months now.

In baseball action, the Rockies held on for the win last night against the Reds. I have a bet on the season series of games, 7 games in total, 4 in Colorado and 3 in Cincinnati. The bet isn’t for huge stakes, that’s for sure – $1 per game. It’s with my friend, California #1. The good thing, if I win, he pays me in USD, if I lose, I pay him in CDN. Not a bad deal, although our money is increasing in value so by the end I may end up losing out. Anyway, the Rockies went into the 8th inning holding a comfortable 10-0 lead. The Reds scored 8 runs in the top of the 8th to pull within 2 and I had thoughts that the Rockies were going to blow the game. Well, they scored 3 in the bottom of the 8th and held on in the 9th for a 13-8 win. So, I am $1 (USD) richer, or will be. The Astros also defeated the Rangers, but, unfortunately, I can only watch one game at a time.

Anyway, it is the end of the week, the weekend is here, not that this means too much to me at the moment. Enjoy your weekend.

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