Just unmotivated…

I have been unmotivated the last few days to do much around the house. I went to school, for a number of years to get my Doctorate in Procrastination and I am putting it to good use. LOL

Yesterday was a gray, rainy day. I couldn’t do much outside since the dogs and I don’t particularly like getting wet. I should have gotten stuff done inside the house, I still have a number of incomplete jobs that I want to do, I guess I just don’t have the get-up-and-go to do it.

The dogs are going to day care today so I won’t have them to trip over, so, I am telling myself that I am going to be productive. We’ll see if this actually happens. They go to day care on Wednesdays to get some interaction with their dog friends, it’s important to socialize. They have a great time, so I am told and they come home exhausted. Hera is generally really good with the little dogs, unless they bug her then she “tells” them not to – she doesn’t like the little dogs, I am unsure why. Perhaps because they are yappy little things that “think” they are large dogs. The girls that run it are excellent and ensure everyone is happy.

I need to assemble my outside fireplace that I am going to put at the top of the yard.

That is the style that I got, or very similar anyway. I have a propane fireplace and this will be a good addition. I have the propane firepit since we often have fire bans in the late spring, summer and early fall. Anyway, it is still in the box, needs to be assembled. I am awful at assembling things so we will see how it goes.

Wish me luck on getting my to-do list done today. I will need it. Enjoy your day.

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