Play ball?

Yesterday was the last day that patios were going to be open for a few weeks (at least) here in Alberta. As other areas in the world are fully opening up, Alberta is going in the opposite direction and are closing things down.

A few weeks ago, they allowed restaurants to open patios. As some of you may be aware, Alberta in May is not necessarily “patio weather”, this year was really no different. A lot of places spent a fair amount of money on getting their patios open, installing wind screens, heaters, umbrellas and what not. Now, our lovely government says “shut ’em down”… I would be willing to bet that there are very few, if any, known transmissions due to patio dining, but does the government care? No, of course not – they have to appear to do something, although they do the same things over and over and over again yet expect different results. Absolute insanity.

So, back to it – I went to Boston Pizza in Pincher Creek, second day in a row actually. The weather was amazing. Low 20’s, sunny and not windy. I am not sure when the area didn’t have much wind 2 days in a row, but May 5 and 6 did.

The food there is always good, I had a Caesar salad and chicken parmesan and it was excellent. I had some other running around to do and then had to zip home, collect the dogs and help with a baseball practice.

I have been slated to be as assistant coach for the local high school team for the last two years. Although there won’t be a season this year, some of the guys who wanted to play wanted to get together and have a practice of sorts. We threw the ball around and hit grounders and worked on double plays and what not. I am surprised that I am not sore today but the shoulder and back feel fine.

The dogs ran around outside the baseball diamond, until Blondie and Twix discovered that they could squeeze through where the fence met the dugout – Hera tried but was just too big. The didn’t chase any of the baseballs, but I guess they just wanted to be closer to me – they stayed in the dugout for the most part and kept out of the way.

It was a good 2 hour workout and then we all headed out. We may get back together, I am not sure if it’s actually allowed under Provincial rules or not – the rules change, randomly, so it would seem.

Today is cooler and it was raining when I let the dogs out so I think it will be more of a stay at home day. I do have stuff to do around here so that’s ok with me. I guess it is Friday, so enjoy your weekend. This is the end of my third week off, not bored at all as yet so that’s a good thing.

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