My day to do stuff…

Wednesdays are the day that I sent Blondie, Hera and Twix to day care with Crowsnest Pet Care. They get about 6 hours of constant play with the other dogs who are there, typically 20-30 of them in total. They have a great time, so I am told and come home absolutely exhausted.

I asked about Hera and her dislike of little dogs and was assured she’s good unless they bug her. Now, if you were an 8lb Yorkie, would you bother a 100lb German Shepherd? I wouldn’t, but that’s me. They watch her to make sure no one is bugging her. Anyway, they enjoy it, it’s a day per week they can have fun and socialize.

It’s also a day that I can do my running around. Yesterday I made a quick trip to Pincher Creek, stopped at Walmart and had lunch on the patio at Boston Pizza before patios are closed, yet again, by the idiots in charge of Alberta. It’s gotta be a major emergency since they waited 3 days before closing patios. I digress…

It was perfect patio weather. Temps were in the mid teens and it was a rarely windless day. A few years ago, not only would I not eat at a restaurant by myself, but I would never eat on a patio. I guess I’ve matured, yeah, that’s what we’ll call it.

When I got home, the company that I hired to do my yard work was hard at work. The yard has been cleaned up and looks great. They’ll maintain it every 2 weeks now for the summer, until the grass is dead that is, it’s typical pretty dry by July or so.

I ended the day with a double header of baseball. The Rockies held on for a win and series win against the San Francisco Giants. It was a bit of a nail biter, 6-5 final. My other team, the Astros lost their second straight to the Yankees, they are not playing well at all. Good thing it’s a long season.

That beings us to today. No idea what’s on the agenda, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do. Have an amazing day.

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