Here’s to being productive…

Yesterday was a relaxing day. It wasn’t supposed to be, I had plans for doing and hopefully finishing stuff around the house, but, those things did not materialize.

I stayed home all day, other than a quick trip to Tim Horton’s. It was a cold, rainy day with drizzle on and off most of the day. That means that the dogs and I didn’t end up going for a hike, but that was ok, they were still recovering from being in boarding for a few days. It always stresses them out, although they do have a good time and this time around, they had a Great Dane puppy to play with as well.

They seem to be back to their normal selves today, mostly. Blondie hasn’t ate anything but treats since she’s been back home, she often protests when anything “changes”, silly dog. They all happily ate a piece of my beef tenderloin last night that I made for dinner, big surprise there. Only Hera has been eating normally – I am not concerned, they will eat when they are overly hungry and decide that eating is more important than protesting my occasional trip away from them.

I have another trip coming up, just heading to Calgary for 2 nights over the May 24 weekend. I am getting a spray-in liner sprayed-in my truck. I got a good deal on it, cash, and that’s good. The back has gotten scratched up so this will protect it from rusting and what not. I am glad that I have a truck, it’s been awesome for picking up stuff that would be impossible in a car or SUV. I must love it, I have had the truck for just over 2 months and have already put on slightly over 10000km which is a bit insane. I need to cut down on the amount of driving I do, otherwise my warranty will be gone in two years.

Today, I hope to be more productive around the house. In the apparently never-ending saga of setting up my home gym, I want it completed today. It’s a simple matter of moving the bed frame to the basement and finding a new home for the dresser in there. I am thinking it will fit (barely) into the master bedroom but it will be tight. I don’t want to sell it, it’s the last thing that I have that my parents owned. It was purchased in 1950 so it’s 71 years old and still in pretty good shape considering its age.

I also need to head to Pincher Creek today, need a few things at Walmart and I think I will stop in the Co-Op there, I haven’t been in it since I’ve moved down to the Pass. I really should update my address with them, I likely have some small cheques that have been sent out from money I’ve spent there, they won’t amount to much but money is money.

Well, here’s to being productive today. Have a great day out there.

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