Stuff around the house…

I have been making minor changes around the house for the last month or more. I am pretty slow at making changes, so they have been slow to be implemented, that is something I do not deny.

I have changed my second bedroom into a home gym. As I have noted before, I purchased (all used) a Bowflex gym, NordicTrack elliptical and an exercise bike. The gym should be setup and ready to go today, presuming I am motivated, of course. The bed frame that is in there needs to be disassembled and moved to the basement and the dresser needs to be moved to the master bedroom. I can then move the gym and bike in there and have a legit workout room.

In the living room, I have a new TV stand which is awesome – I sold the dining room table that the TV had been sitting on. I have taken down the battered curtains in the front window and replaced them with nice, gray curtain panels – 4 panels in total and they are room darkening as well – they look good. The stuff in the kitchen has been moved around and I purchased a second small chest freezer which fits in nicely.

I bought a propane firepit and it’s setup on the patio outside and also got one of those chimney fireplaces for the top of the yard. I won’t be able to use it for part of the year when we regularly have fire bans but it will be awesome when we don’t have fire bans.

I replaced the old, ugly rubber mat at the back door with a new one that I got at Giant Tiger and it looks great. I guess I need to take pictures of all of this, and I will.

Today marks my second full week off of work. I have kept busy and have enjoyed my time off. I guess I am being paid to write blogs now.

Have a great week.

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