Tour of Saskatchewan, Part Two

I dropped the dogs off at a friend’s place on Wednesday afternoon. They used to own the kennel that I used to go to, but they sold it (unfortunately) and now want to look after a select few dogs that they liked when they had the business.

Blondie, Hera and Twix met and played with Chiquita, a Great Dane pup. She’s going to be a big girl, she’s 4 months old now and her paws are bigger than Hera’s. She’s a typical “biting” puppy, you know how their little shark teeth are, but she’s an awesome dog. They had a great time chasing one another.

I hit the road for Humboldt, Saskatchewan at 620am yesterday. It was a long drive with a few stops along the way. I was driving along with my former next door neighbour, she in her SUV and me in my truck loaded with a bunch of her belongings, moving from her house in the Pass to her cabin in Saskatchewan.

We stopped in Medicine Hat at the largest Giant Tiger I’ve ever seen before. I found a great Pink Floyd hoodie to add to my hoodie collection. I also picked up a great door mat for the back door to replace the broken one that’s there.

Our next rendezvous was Costco in Saskatoon. Gas was $1.14 a liter, so not a bad price at all. I filled up and dropped into Costco briefly. The last leg to Humboldt took just longer than an hour.

My GPS used a number of minor highways and back roads to get me to my destination. On my return trip, I think I’m going to stick to the main highways, the Trans Canada to Medicine Hat and then Highway 3 home. I’ll have to look at the best route to the Trans Canada from here, but it shouldn’t be rocket science.

The cabin is right on the lake and is rustic, but quite nice and only a few minutes from Humboldt, although it seems to be much more remote than that. It reminds me of the vague memories of my grandfather’s cabin in Northern Ontario. We had a latish dinner last night and then a stop at Dairy Queen.

All in all, not a bad day of driving. Here’s to relaxing.

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