Start of a new week…

I am heading to Lethbridge today or tomorrow, unsure which day at the moment. I have a bunch of computer equipment to return to BDO. I offered to return it to avoid the cost of a courier to get it back to them, not that I would have to pay it, I was trying to save them some money. I will be paid to return it, so, it’s a free trip to Lethbridge for me. It’ll allow me to visit Costco and get some frozen food and what not.

I am hoping to hear more about my severance package today as well, although I am doubtful I will. More details at some other point, although I won’t be able to detail everything, I am sure.

Spring is supposed to arrive, starting today – temps will be in the 10-12C range which isn’t so bad. The snow will start to melt and it will be rather sloshy as we had about a foot in total. Won’t be a few good days to hike with the dogs, unless I want a lot of muck and water tracked into the truck.

Nothing else much planned for the week. I still have stuff to do around the house including finishing setting up my at home gym and my “summer” bedroom in the basement for when it’s hot.

Enjoy your week.

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