That was a good Saturday…

It seems I am still saddled with getting up very early in the morning. Today, I woke up just after 3am. I didn’t get up at that time, that would be insane, but I didn’t get back to sleep either. I actually got up around 5am and fed the dogs and then settled into the couch with some coffee and music. The dogs definitely thought it was too early, they were all crashed out on the couch.

We all went for a hike shortly before 7am. We received nearly a foot of snow over night, so much for it being spring. I think we are getting more snow tonight as well. The ground is cold enough for it to stick, the roads aren’t though. The backroads that I use to take the dogs to our hiking spot were though, lots of snow and drifting snow. I would not have attempted the roads in the Ford, but the truck made it through without any issue.

It wasn’t overly cold and no winds which is odd. It was a pleasant hike and even Twix didn’t get cold. I was able to break in the new winter boots that I bought a few weeks ago and that I didn’t figured I would be wearing until late September or October. They worked well and kept my feet nice and warm.

I went to a local brewery/restaurant for lunch today. The Pass Beer Co is what it’s called. I tried 3 varieties of their beer, enjoyed one of them, the other two, not so much. I had 2 pounds of wings and they were excellent. I may have found my new wings place. I know their pizza is amazing and I may return next weekend for that (if I am around).

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies. V for Vendetta was one, excellent movie and it sort of reflects some of the stuff going on in the world right now. A totalitarian government controls all aspects of citizens lives until a vigilante decides enough is enough. If you haven’t seen it, see it – it’s great. The other movie is 300. This is the Spartan war against Xeres and his enormous army. Quite graphic, except in this version for TV wasn’t. I hear it doesn’t follow history very closely but oh well, it’s a movie. Both are well worth watching though.

I didn’t watch any baseball as yet today. The Astros absolutely destroyed the Angels 16-2. Talk about a beating… The Rockies are playing right now, so I think I’ve found my evening entertainment.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, one more day to go. Me? I have another 6 months or so of weekend. 🙂

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