A busy few days…

This has been a busy week and I have gotten a lot done.

Tuesday afternoon I made a return trip to Okotoks to return a shed that I had purchased just on Sunday. I didn’t want $1500 some dollars to appear on my credit card statement when I am no longer working. The shed that is currently here will have to do, I guess. It was a good trip to Okotoks and then continuing on to Calgary. Got home around 9pm, the dogs were happy to see me, of course. The neighbour let them out so they were taken care of.

Wednesday and Thursday were days to work around the house. The kitchen furniture has been moved about, not much I can move in the living room since the sectional couch I have will only work in one corner.

I cleaned up my work desk which badly needed it. I got rid of dust on my IT hardware which needs to be returned to BDO. It’s all in a pile, waiting for instructions on how to return. I completely love dealing with HR…

I picked up the last item for my in-house gym, a spinning bike. I was either going to get that or a rowing machine and the rowing machine would have been tougher to fit in the room. I am pretty well set and ready to go. I am looking forward to getting into better shape. As soon as the weather warms up, I will start riding my bike around the area. Should be a great spring and summer.

Today, nothing much planned as yet. It’s cold and snowing. I might do a dump run perhaps, I have a bunch of stuff in the basement that needs to go and since I will be in Pincher Creek if I do that, I might as return 4 or 5 bags of recycling for deposit – I will be rich, or, I will get $20 some dollars.

My former next-door neighbour is returning for a visit, will be nice to see her. I am thinking I may take a few days and return with her to Saskatchewan to decompress. Sounds like a good idea to me.

The weekend is nearly here – I hope you enjoy it.

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