A busy weekend…

This past weekend was busy and pretty productive.

Saturday was a day to do spring cleaning and organizing. My cleaning lady came over to do her thing and get the place all sparkly.

I put a couple of items on Facebook Marketplace for sale, stuff I don’t need any longer. I got rid of the dining room table that I’ve been using as a TV stand for the past year and a half. Sold a hot air popcorn machine and also my Shark robot vacuum.

I took a break to go to Costco in Okotoks and bought a replacement shed for the yard. The one I have is falling apart, you can’t open one of the doors and the other folds in half when trying to open it. My landlord is coming over this weekend to assemble it.

I did more work around the house on Sunday. What a difference a day makes with weather. Saturday it was 22C and Sunday was -3C with about 4″ of snow. Gotta love spring in the mountains.

There is lot more room in the living room without that table in here. Glad it’ll have a new home. I replaced my robot vacuum with an upright. It’ll do a better job and won’t terrorize the dogs.

Enjoy the week, we’re getting there.

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