Spring Cleaning…

Yesterday was spring cleaning day number one. I had my cleaning lady come over, she arrived at 930 but by that time, I had been working for a bit.

I needed to get my gym equipment moved into the share bedroom and the bedroom stuff moved into the basement. It’ll be nice this coming summer when it’s hot outside sleeping down in the basement as it’s at least 10°C cooler down there.

I had a new TV stand to setup and the old table that the TV had been on to remove. I sold it via Facebook Marketplace and it’ll get picked up Monday.

HH did a great job cleaning the kitchen making it sparkle. She and I drove to Costco in Okotoks and picked up a new shed for my back yard. I can’t wait to get rid of the old metal shed that has seen better days. I’ll have a great place to store all my outdoor stuff and what not.

I invited HH to stay for dinner, BBQ chicken and roasted potatoes plus stir fried veggies. Dinner was completed with one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life, three layers of chocolate cake with caramel in the middle, covered in chocolate and some other caramel invention, quite amazing.

Today is day two. The home gym will be setup and ready to go. The living room is also good to go. Cleaning will be completed and I’ll be ready for spring. Yesterday, it was the low 20s, today, it’s going to be just above 0 with rain and snow. That’s typical for the mountains this time of year.

Wherever you are, enjoy your Sunday.

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