A Busy Week…

It’s been a busy week at work, the week flew by and it is Friday. When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Thursday and just realized it is Friday a few minutes ago. Let me tell ya, when you think you have another full day to work and then find it’s Friday, that’s a good feeling.

Wednesday, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace and found a truck tent up in Calgary for sale. I contacted the seller and said if she hadn’t sold it by Thursday, I would come up after work and buy it. I messaged her yesterday morning and it wasn’t sold so I said I would leave at 3pm and head to Calgary.

Sometime after lunch, I saw that the ad was marked as sold. I messaged her to see if she marked it as sold as in sold to me, or did she sell it to someone else. No reply, not a good sign. I didn’t want to drive all that way and then not get it. She replied a little later and said yes she was selling to me and that she marked it as sold as she was getting too many queries.

So, around 3pm I left the house, destined for Calgary. I had arranged for Crowsnest Pet Care to let the dogs out and feed them, so Blondie, Hera and Twix were taken care of.

I stopped at the first Crowsnest Market of the season on my way. Picked up some veggies and also some banana bread and butter tarts. I have tried the butter tarts, absolutely amazing.

I got to Calgary in great time, picked up the tent and then met a friend to go for a walk with his dog at Sue Higgins Park. Guess I could have brought my dogs as they love it there – next time. I stopped at Domino’s Pizza on the way home and had dinner and an extra pizza for today. Made another stop at Costco for gas, $80 later the truck was filled.

The power was out in Coleman when I got home. Wow, was it dark with only a sliver of the moon visible. I plan on setting the tent up today. I guess I should have done it back in Calgary, but the seller says everything is there and if I have any issues with missing parts to contact her and she’ll refund my money. I hope everything is there.

I am planning on umpiring in Calgary again this summer the occasional weekend, I think I will do a double-header on Saturday and one on Sunday and I will sleep in the back of the truck, will save me hotel fees and will pay for itself pretty quickly.

I also plan on going in the back-woods a some point with one of my dogs at a time, the other two can go to boarding. I am now looking for a portable grill to bring on these excursions. It’s shaping up to be a cool summer.

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