That was an awful nights sleep…

I figured that with my long day of driving yesterday, I would sleep like the dead last night. Well, no such luck. I bet I slept less than 3 hours total.

It might have been the super spicy General Tao chicken I had too close to when I went to bed, not sure.

At around 4am, I told Alex to wake me at 6 since I didn’t want to sleep in. Well, she woke me at 6 and I didn’t know how to shut her up. LOL

Work was very busy but it was a good day to come back, I just wish I had been rested. Now is it almost 8pm and I am heading to bed soon, I can barely keep my eyes open. I was watching the Tigers vs Astros game, but Greinke was not having one of his best games and the Astros were down by 6 or 7, so enough of that.

I have scheduled my next trip to Calgary. I will spend a few days over the May 24 weekend, or just before the May 24 weekend I guess. I am having a spray in liner sprayed in my truck. The bed is scratched from normal use and I don’t want it to rust so I will take care of that right away.

That will give me time off in April, May, July (3 days plus a weekend) and 2 weeks in August. I think I will take a 4 day weekend sometime in June and that will leave me with about 2 weeks left, I think. I have 7 weeks to use this year which is awesome.

Well, here’s to a better sleep tonight. Good night.

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