We need to end this madness…

So, yesterday was the last day for indoor dining, again. It was a little odd, the time cutoff wasn’t the end of day, but rather noon. Sure, that makes sense. I was planning on going to Limber Pine but they decided they weren’t opening for breakfast. I called Chris’ and they were able to squeeze me in.

I believe these newest restrictions are here for a month but I wouldn’t rely on my information. It’s ridiculous anyway. Are we seeing all kinds of cases that have come from restaurant exposure? I highly doubt it.

I’m happy that places are still open for takeout, I enjoy not making my own food. I hope this doesn’t put too much additional strain on these places.

We are better off, for now at least, than what’s happening in Ontario. They have a full blown province wide lockdown and stay at home order. Ford needs to be removed as Leader of the PCs, much in the same way that Kenney needs to be removed here.

In my opinion, and by no means an I a doctor, but we need to protect the vulnerable and the rest of us need to be able to get on with our lives, this has gone on long enough.

Businesses need to start standing up to the continuous lockdowns and restrictions and people need to say enough is enough. It’s not going to end until we make it end.

We are living in interesting times and the next few months, years, perhaps, will be interesting. Looking back on this in 10 or 20 years will be interesting as well, hindsight always being 20/20.

Good luck to all.

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