It was a good vacation, but it’s coming to an end…

Mt two weeks of vacation are just about wrapped up.

It started pretty good. I had dinner with a co-worker that I had not seen in a year and a half. I work from home and am 3 hours away from where he lives, plus, 2020 was sort of a write-off.

My trip to Saskatchewan was cut rather short, well, it didn’t happen, in fact, I didn’t even make it to Saskatchewan, close, but not quite.

Last week was fairly relaxing but I did get some stuff done around the house. I made a trip to Okotoks to pick up a Bowflex gym to add to my home fitness setup. On that same day, I watched and listened to 3 different baseball games, the Jays defeated the Yankees, the Rockies beat the Dodgers and the Astros crushed the A’s. SiriusXM does a great job with the games so I will remember when I am on a road trip in the future.

This week I made a 3 day trip to Calgary. I spent a ton of money, my tax return and helped out the economy. Got some stuff that I needed, other stuff that I wanted. The dogs spent the early part of the week in boarding and were exhausted. I think they’ve finally recovered today.

Sunday, I make a return trip to Calgary, hoping for good weather for the trip. Nothing really planned for today (other than laundry?) or tomorrow. I will get out with the dogs for a couple of hikes though, now that they are recovered from boarding. Don’t get me wrong, they love it, but it tires them right out with all those dog butts to sniff.

Back to work on Monday. I am relaxed and refreshed. Wow, did I ever need these two weeks off.

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