Stuff to do around the house…

So today I will be doing stuff around the house. I have a new shower head to install. It can’t be much easier. They actually made it simple for idiots like me who can’t do anything. I just have to unscrew the current Waterpik (which I installed all by myself) and then apply new plumbers tape (is that what they call it?) and screw the new one on – can’t get much easier than that.

I also have a new curtain rod and panels to put up. This will be more challenging. I will remove what’s currently there which will be easy and then screw in the new rods and hang the panels. Doesn’t sound complicated, does it? No, but I am sure I will run into issues… LOL

I also have to clear out the spare bedroom and move my gym and elliptical into the bedroom which will now be my gym. Not complicated, although I will need assistance with moving the elliptical as I have to disconnect the front from the back and then put it back together.

Now, for those that know me, they know I can be a bit lazy and unmotivated at times. I feel good about getting this done however so I think it will happen.

Nothing else much planned for the last few days of my time off. I am back to work Monday and I will be nicely relaxed by the time that rolls around. It is amazing how quickly two weeks flies by – why don’t work-weeks go this quickly?

Enjoy your weekend, it’s almost here.

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