Not a bad vacation…

My two weeks off is going pretty well. I mean, I didn’t make it to Saskatchewan, but the week at home has been relaxing yet productive.

I found a Bowflex gym in Okotoks and made the trip up there on Thursday afternoon. I was watching Opening Day for MLB, the Jays were playing the Yankees so I switched to listening to the game on SiriusXM. I’m unsure who the commentators were, but they did a great job. I’ve had SiriusXM for a few years now but that was the first time I listened to a game. At 2, I switched to the Dodgers vs Rockies game. The Jays hung on for the win, as did the Rockies.

I made it to Okotoks in just under 2 hours, was a good drive up Highway 22, it was a bit windy though. Got a good deal on the gym and the seller helped me load it up. I stopped at Canadian Tire, bought some ratchet straps a d bungee cords and properly secured the gym, although I don’t think it was going anywhere. Had to stop at Cobb’s bakery as well. It’s Easter time and their hot cross buns are amazing. If you have a Cobb’s near your I’d highly recommended them.

The Costco gas station was packed. April 1 marked an increase in the carbon tax thanks to the idiot running Canada (into the ground), thanks Trudeau, we all love paying a tax that isn’t going to help the environment, I digress however. Apparently, my truck only used 22 litres of gas for the trip to Okotoks, not bad at all. I’m getting better mileage with it than I was with the Escape.

I’m heading to Calgary Monday for a couple of days. Having dinner with a buddy on Monday night and hopefully going for lunch with another friend, pending how busy she is at work. The dogs will go back into boarding, they’ll have a great time and when the come home Wednesday afternoon, they’ll be exhausted. On the way home, I’m hoping that my new glasses will be ready at Lethbridge Costco so I’ll make a detour there to get them. Lots of driving for sure.

No real plans after that for the rest of my holidays, other than possibly going skeet shooting next weekend. All in all, a pretty good 2 weeks off. Back to work on the 12th and no scheduled time off until July. I’m sure it’ll zoom by.

Well, enjoy the long weekend. Stay safe.

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